Whether you are a student seeking a more affordable way to prepare for your board examinations, or a practicing doctor looking for low cost and informative continuing education courses, innovative chiropractic marketing tools, or quality products with great markup potential to offer your patients, Chiro-Resources was made for you.

Online Review for Chiropractic Board Exams

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Introducing the world’s first comprehensive online chiropractic board prep tool!

Everything you need to prepare for your chiropractic board exams.  One low monthly cost.



  • stay organized

  • engage with the material

  • cover everything

  • stop cramming and learn by doing!




Features of our online learning environment...
• Comprehensive courses to keep you focused and organized • Color illustrations, videos, and whiteboard presentations • Huge library of resources helpful for boards and your academic courses • Ability to “friend” and collaborate and share with other students via groups, chat, and email • Personal lockers to save your own materials • • Live help via whiteboard, video chat, or telephone from a qualified DC instructor whenever you have a question. Our system is also reactive, meaning it is usable from any portable electronic device or smartphone to make studying on the go easier than ever! Basically, there are so many built in activities and quizzes that you put learning on automatic pilot!
Introducing Student Pilot NBCE PowerPrep
If you are like me when I was a chiropractic student you understand that probably the most important component in your quest to complete your education is to pass those national board examinations. And if your like me, you realize that at this point knowing how or what to study is impossible. Board review courses have helped students bridge that gap for years and are, I think, an essential piece of the puzzle that comes together as you move along your path to a license. Until now, you had no choice other than to pay hundreds of dollar for each and every board examination for a review, which then required you to sit in a hotel conference room or classroom for three or so grueling days of rushing through everything you ever learned. Guess what though…after this lovely experience you must still leave with that black and white study booklet that they gave you and spend hours upon hours working your way through it, looking up the stuff in it that is not clear, and cramming all that information in your head. Now there is a better way. Chiro-Resources online chiropractic board review was created through a collaboration of several licensed doctors. Former chiropratic college teachers, professors of anatomy and physiology, and doctors with years of practice experience all put our heads together to devise the most comprehensive, but concise collection of review material possible.
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Notice: While our board review and spec review materials are still available, we are undergoing an redesign and upgrade of our continuing education courses at this time, so only those courses that have been completed are available for purchase. Please check back soon.