Whether you are a student seeking a more affordable way to prepare for your board examinations, or a practicing doctor looking for low cost and informative continuing education courses, innovative chiropractic marketing tools, or quality products with great markup potential to offer your patients, Chiro-Resources was made for you.

Chiropractic Practice Links

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 About Chiropractic This section contains information about the efficacy, cost–effectiveness and safety of chiropractic, as well as information about chiropractic educational requirements, and other related information.

Chiro.org For a wealth of information on all things chiropractic and alternative health

  •    Health Promotion & Wellness  This page contains articles that detail how chiropractors can encourage wellness and health promotion for our patients.

  •    HIPAA Compliance Page The HIPAA patient privacy and security laws are real – as are the penalties for their violation. To assure the accountability of those who had access to personal health information (PHI), the U.S. Congress required the imposition of civil and criminal penalties for any entity or person that uses PHI improperly. Find out more here.

  •    Iatrogenic Injury Page A collection of articles discussing the dangerous, and often fatal side effects of medical care.

  •    Indoor Air Quality The EPA now labels Indoor Air Quality as a “major health risk”. Learn more here!

  •    Journals & Chiropractic Magazines This journal collection spans chiropractic, alternative, and some medical sources on the web.

  •    Low Back Pain and Chiropractic Download Dr. Robert Mootz’s Low Back Care Plans, and enjoy other articles and research describing the superiority of chiropractic care for low back pain. Learn why medical management slows recovery.

  •    Medicare Information and the Chiropractic Demonstration Project  This section is devoted to providing information about the 2-year demonstration project in which Medicare expands chiropractic coverage.

  •    Medlines Page Access Pub–Med, Grateful Med and other useful information–access tools.

  •    Menopause Relief This page discusses natural approaches to the relief of peri-menopausal symptoms.

  •    Neck Pain and Chiropractic This page reviews the benefits of chiropractic for acute and chronic neck pain.

  •    Neurology Information Info on subluxation, Diplomate sites, Journals, and more on neurology.

  •    News Sources The one-stop-shop for news updates.

  •    The NUTRITION Section The Nutrition Page provides non-solicitous nutrition information, including articles and research abstracts supporting the benefits of vitamins, minerals and herbals for the restoration and maintenance of health.

  •    Outcome Assessment Questionnaires Download copies of the Roland–Morris Questionnaire, the Neck Disability Index (NDI), the Oswestry Low Back Pain QA, and review a questionnaire for assessing Psychosocial Yellow Flags. New additionsinclude the Headache Disability Index, and the Quadruple Visual Analogue Scale. These are all available for immediate use in your office. Citations to support their use are included!

  •    Pain Management Articles and information about Pain and it’s management.

  •    Patient Satisfaction With Chiropractic Review articles demonstrating patient satisfaction with chiropractic care.

  •    Pediatrics This section includes articles and abstracts devoted to demonstrating the benefits of chiropractic care for children.

  •    Personal Growth Take a moment to reflect and to increase your wisdom.

  •    Pharmacy Info Information about adverse reactions, and access to other data regarding pharmaceutical products.

  •    The Quack Watchers Join us as we shed some light on these self–appointed guardians of the Public Good.

  •    Radiculopathy and Chiropractic Radiculopathy is characterized by motor and/or sensory changes in the neck and arms or the legs and feet, which results from extrinsic pressure on the nerve root. Learn more now.

  •    Rehabilitation A general collection of information.

  •    Rehabilitation Diplomate Information Page Read the class outlines for all 3 years of the program, including sample test questions. This page is specific to chiropractors that provide rehabilitative services to their clients.

  •    Rehabilitation Monograph Series

  •    Repetitive Stress Disorders Review Cumulative Trauma Disorders, “double crush” and a variety of related disorders.

  •    Research This section includes research articles, abstracts, and information pertaining to the growing body of Chiropractic Research.

  •    Running This new section will cover all aspects of running…pro and con.

  •    The Safety of Chiropractic Learn more about the astounding safety of chiropractic, compared to medical treatments for the same complaints.

  •    Search Engines  The cream of the crop is here, sorted by specificity.

  •    The Shoulder Girdle  This page reviews information on joint trauma, the fundamentals of post-trauma management, and the specifics of shoulder girdle trauma.


Notice: While our board review and spec review materials are still available, we are undergoing an redesign and upgrade of our continuing education courses at this time, so only those courses that have been completed are available for purchase. Please check back soon.