Whether you are a student seeking a more affordable way to prepare for your board examinations, or a practicing doctor looking for low cost and informative continuing education courses, innovative chiropractic marketing tools, or quality products with great markup potential to offer your patients, Chiro-Resources was made for you.


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 FAQs & Technical Assistance 

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basic questions

  • I can't remember my password
  • The Modules will not pop up when i click them
  • Am I allowed to Share my account 

NO, the user and sales agreements specifically state that accounts are to be a single user account. 

If you share your username and password with another student, and that student logs, it will log you out an interrupt your session.

We may activate a dual sign on option that will require a code be sent to the phone number on file with us as part of the log in process.

Finally, the system will track the IP addresses (new for 2016) from which any one account logs in.  Should you log in from more than three IP's or from geographic locations other than your usual locations, the system will automatically suspend your access, and notify us that suspicious activity has been detected.  ​Should this occur, we may contact you for information prior to turning access back on, and should we AT OUR SOLE DISCRETION determine that you have shared the account, we will terminate your service with us and NO REFUND shall be issued.

other questions

  • What are the technical requirements?
  • How long can I access the materials?
  • Who is narrating the narrated lessons?
  • I enrolled before november 15, 2015 and am having trouble logging in
  • I Enrolled After november 15, 2015 and am having troble logging in
  • How long are the narrated lessons?
  • Whats the difference between the narrated interactive lessons, the self paced interactive lessons and the self study modules?
  • How many practice questions are there?
  • Is your checkout secure?
  • how can i save money?
  • what changes have you made to the system?

Practice questions can be taken in an online testing environment, and give you a choice between receiving feedback after each answer, or feedback at the end of the test.

There are between 100 and 200 ESSENTIAL practice questions per subject area.  These always give you immediate feedback and include a comprehensive rationale to help explain why the correct answer is right...and why the detractors are wrong to help you develop that essential skill of eliminating detractors.

There are hundreds more EXTRA PRACTICE questions per subject area in addition to the ESSENTIAL questions.

Finally, there are questions and activities dispersed throughout the material to help you learn and assess your knowledge as you progress through the material.

We really think that by engaging you with the material, we help you retain what you are studying.​

Chiropractic Continuing Education FAQs

  • When will you have ce available?
  • How will I know if your courses are approved for my state?
  • Do I need to be a tech wizard?
  • How do your courses work?
  • Who reports my course completion to my state board?

We are currently working to put all the pieces together.  Hopefully soon!

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Notice: While our board review and spec review materials are still available, we are undergoing an redesign and upgrade of our continuing education courses at this time, so only those courses that have been completed are available for purchase. Please check back soon.